Commercial Insurance

At Brackney, WE MEAN BUSINESS – regardless of what industry you may be involved in, we can assist you. We take the time to understand what your particular needs are and customize a package of coverage that protects every part of your organization. We know how important it is to protect the bottom line, but NOT at the expense of having proper protection. With our comprehensive approach, you can be certain we explore every alternative to provide a complete package. After all – an inexpensive policy can become VERY expensive at claim time if key coverage has been overlooked. At the end of the day, we consistently offer better coverage while still managing to keep rates below our competitors. Whether you are a start-up or have been in business for years, we have we can help.


We offer a broad range of business insurance including packages for:

(Just a few Examples)

• Auto Dealers
• Apartment Owners
• Contractors
• Farms – large and small
• Feed Mills
• Fertilizer Dealers
• Gas Station / Convenience Stores
• Hotels / Motels
• Restaurants
• Truckers