Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an aptly named policy that provides you extra protection above and beyond your homeowner’s insurance. Accidents happen every day, whether your neighbor dog attacks a neighbor or your 16-year-old gets in an auto accident, you may need coverage beyond your normal liability insurance. When you choose Umbrella Insurance with Brackney Insurance, you can rest easy knowing you have extra protection in the event of the unexpected.

Umbrella insurance gives you added liability protection beyond your caps on homeowners, auto, and watercraft personal insurance policies. It picks up where your current policies leave off: it provides extended coverage on property damage and injury to others while visiting your property. Umbrella insurance can be purchased for a low cost and save you thousands of dollars should you find yourself being sued or if your liability costs exceed the limit on your homeowner’s policy by a significant amount. If you’re not sure whether umbrella insurance is right for you, give us a call today.